Civil Mediation (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Civil mediation, often called “alternative dispute resolution,” is a process for resolving disputes. It is an alternative to going to trial. An impartial person, called a mediator, assists the parties in settling their case. The key to the mediation process is that the parties are communicating and making their own decisions–there is no judge or other third party to make the decisions. The mediators are present only to help the parties minimize the possibility of future disputes. Civil mediation is less expensive, less emotionally draining and less time-consuming than trying cases in the courts to resolve contentious issues. Commonly mediated disputes include but are not limited to landlord/tenant issues, neighborhood disputes, dissolution of business partnerships, contractual disagreements, automobile accidents, product liability claims, wrongful death suits, and employment matters. These types of legal matters generally fall into three general categories of civil mediation handled by THK Law, LLP:

  • Personal disputes
  • Business conflicts
  • Insurance claims

The mediation process is structured so that persons unfamiliar with the process will quickly be made comfortable. An explanation of the process is given, and ground rules are set forth. The mediator’s goal is to help the parties realize their mutual interests and assist them in determining ways to work together. If it becomes apparent that the process is not working, it can be terminated by the mediator(s) or by the parties at any time. The parties are free to return to court or to try another means of dispute resolution.

Team Mediations

THK Law, LLP provides team mediation services to resolve civil conflicts involving more complex disputes and multiple parties. Certified by the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education and the Indiana Association of Mediators, Thomas J. Hall, and James M. Lewis are dedicated to helping parties in conflict find mutually agreed-upon resolutions.

Mediation Facilities

Additionally, THK Law, LLP provides the ideal facility for mediations involving multiple parties. Conveniently located in downtown South Bend, Indiana our office includes four well-appointed conference rooms with state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment. All three of our offices (shown below) have free, on-site parking and are handicap-accessible.

Call 574.232.3538 for additional information about our civil mediation services and the use of our facility for your next mediation.

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