May/June 2019

  • Planning for Long-Term Care
  • Moving abroad? Consider the tax implications
  • Tangible personal property – Assets with sentimental value require extra thought
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – Your original will is missing

March/April 2019

  • Donating to charity? Watch out for new appraisal regs
  • Stay true to your family with a total return unitrust
  • The HSA: A healthy supplement to your savings regimen
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You have assets in payable-on-death accounts

January/February 2019

  • Do you need to file gift tax returns?
  • Finding your footing after a spouse dies unexpectedly
  • You’ve made nondeductible contributions to your IRA

November/December 2018

  • Do you have a Flex plan?
  • The net investment income tax is alive and well
  • Does your estate include intellectual property?
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You’re borrowing from your retirement plan

September/October 2018

  • Sec. 6166 – Estate tax relief for family businesses
  • Put pen to paper – A letter of instruction and a mission statement add clarity to an estate plan
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – Your charitable gifts are unrestricted

July/August 2018

  • Thinking about a Roth IRA conversion? Now may be the ideal time
  • Estate planning solutions for members of the “sandwich generation”
  • New pass-through deduction creates estate planning opportunities
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You’re getting divorced

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