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July/August 2020 Estate Planner

July/August 2021

  • Annual exclusion gifts – a deceptively powerful estate planning strategy
  • Avoid these 6 estate planning pitfalls
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – Your college-aged child doesn’t have an estate plan
Charitable Giving 2021, Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLP South Bend, Elkhart IN

May/June 2021

  • Charitable giving in 2021
  • Is it time to review your beneficiary designations?
  • What a difference six months can make
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You and your spouse have elected to “split” gifts
Trust and Estate Planning

March/April 2021

  • Can beneficiaries borrow from a trust?
  • Taking steps to protect your will from being contested
  • Defined-value gifts – Plan carefully to avoid unpleasant tax surprises
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You own real estate in more than one state
When is the right time to transfer wealth? Estate Planning by Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLP

January/February 2021

  • Can a charitable trust replicate a stretch IRA?
  • Power up your trust with Crummey powers
  • Net gift technique can reduce your gift tax
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You haven’t named contingent beneficiaries
The Estate Planner provided by Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLP

November/December 2020

  • A SPA Trust can improve the flexibility of your estate plan
  • Opportunities and challenges – Valuation in the age of COVID-19
  • Appointing a guardian for your children can be a difficult task
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – You don’t have a will
September/October Estate Planner, Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLP, South Bend, IN

September/October 2020

  • Estate planning in a socially distanced environment
  • Valuation of pass-through entities – Why tax-affecting matters
  • What are your options to pay for long-term care?
  • Estate Planning Red Flag – Your revocable trust isn’t fully funded

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