Jennifer L. VanderVeen, CELA at Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLPFrequently, the burden of caring for a family member falls on one individual because it’s just simpler for one person to coordinate the caregiving, so nothing is missed or miscommunicated. However, with modern technology, that burden can be shared without the risk of information being lost. helps families coordinate care for aging or disabled loved ones and share information between family members or other caregivers. Its app and website have calendar, to do list and journaling tools to allow everyone in the caregiving team to know when appointments are, what changes have been made to the care plan, and what tasks need to be completed, along with the person assigned to do them. This is a great tool for sharing the workload of caregiving along with keeping everyone informed so that no one is out of the loop.

Using this website, in conjunction with powers of attorney and caregiving agreements can go a long way to helping avoid unnecessary conflict and misunderstandings at a difficult time.

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