Take Your Health Care Wishes with You, blog post by Jennifer L. VanderVeen, CELA at Tuesley Hall Konopa, LLPYour health care powers of attorney are one of the most important pieces of your estate plan, but in an emergency, they are only useful if they are accessible. A new smartphone app now lets you carry health care information for you and your loved ones with you wherever you go. The My Health Care Wishes app from the American Bar Association lets you store pdf versions of your health care power of attorney or appointment of health care representative along with the contact information for the individuals named in those documents. You can also store copies of any POST (Physician’s Orders on Scope of Treatment) forms, do not resuscitate orders or your Five Wishes worksheet, if you have completed one.

If you are a caregiver for a parent or other family member, storing that person’s documents with this app means that they will always be available. In addition, you can store other important information such as medication lists, allergy information and insurance information. Password protection within the app keeps your information secure, even if your phone is compromised.

The app will also remind you to review your information annually to make certain your wishes and medical data are still up to date. More information about the app is available at My Healthcare Wishes App.

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